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Sawmill Branch Trail

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The Sawmill Branch Trail is a paved biking and walking path that is just shy of seven miles long.  This trail will be part of a larger planned system known as the Loblolly Greenway. The trail runs along the Sawmill Branch Canal.  The Sawmill Ridges, an off-road single track trail, is located off of the main trail.  The trail has 4 fitness stations and one playground along its route.  Some of the Sawmill Branch Trail will be inaccessible during the Berlin G Parkway Extension.  For more detailed information regarding this please visit SCDOT’s project website.

Sawmill Branch Trail Map

Addresses for Trailheads:
E. Richardson Ave. Trailhead: 500 E. Richardson Ave.
Ashley Dr. Trailhead: 182 Ashley Dr.
Bacon’s Bridge Trailhead: 1900 Bacon’s Bridge Rd.
YMCA Trailhead: 908 Crosscreek Dr.