School Resource Officer

The Summerville Police Department School Resource Officer unit is a team of highly trained, skilled, and experienced police officers serving our schools in the Town of Summerville. Through a partnership with Dorchester School District Two, our SROs provide a safe and secure learning environment for staff and students at our schools.  

Our SRO team works daily to positively influence students, break down any negative stereotypes or misconceptions of law enforcement, and assist administrators, teachers, and staff members with de-escalating conflicts within the school or the community.

Our SRO members are often called upon to provide law enforcement education to students. We have certified DARE (Drug Abuse Resistant Education) officers, trained Crisis interventionalists, and crime scene/accident reconstructionists inside the unit who often educate and demonstrate various aspects of law enforcement to students and staff daily.

Aside from working daily within our schools, our School Resource Officers are the “ambassadors of goodwill to the community.” We proudly host an annual Back to School Drive to provide backpacks and other back-to-school items for disadvantaged students in our community. In addition, during the holiday season, we host the Christmas Outreach Program. Our SROs work closely with school administrators to identify students and parents who need support during the holiday season and provide gifts to those families so that they can have an enjoyable Christmas holiday.