Sheep Island Interchange

The Town of Summerville’s Vision Plan envisions the development of a new urban village near the proposed Sheep Island Interchange, consisting of a gateway employment center, a mixed-use village core, and a residential neighborhood. These components are derived from a market study of the area and arranged to capitalize on the town’s infrastructure investments.

Economic forecasts suggest that job centers are moving north up I-26 from the coast. The new interchange location is poised to capture a significant amount of office and industrial employment growth.

Details of the Plan

The core of the proposed Sheep Island Village envisions residential, neighborhood commercial, and civic uses mixed with the employment center. Similar to downtown, a key component of the new village will be locating several different types of activity generators within easy walking distance and linking them with human-scale streets to create vibrancy and a sense of place.

The blocks of Sheep Island Village furthest from the highway interchange are shown with a range of medium- to high-density housing types, which may accommodate over 630 new housing units. More detailed recommendations are found in the Infrastructure and Development Strategy of the Vision Plan.

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