Planned & Ongoing Projects

  • Resurfaced 2022:
    Parkwood Dr. (Simmons - Central)
    Germantown Rd.

    Wylie St.
    S. Hampton St.
    Walnut Street South
    Dan Miler Ln.
    Garden Hill Rd.
    Peters St.
    North Main St. Parking (Grouchos)
    S. Oak St.
    Cypress St.
    Padgett Cir.
    Stockbridge St.

    Eastover Cir.
    Saint Awdry St.
    Raith Rd.
    Welwyn Rd.
    Mapperton Ct.
    Ranworth Ln.
    Jarett Rd.
    Dericote Ln.
    Upcerne Rd.
    Sawtry Pl.
    Macfarren Ln.
    Saint Benets Pl.
    W. 5th South St.

  • 2020 Drainage Project: Staff has identified two potential drainage projects to study and implement solutions to flooding issues. Those projects are Springview Ln. in Oakbrook and the area between N. Magnolia and N. Gum St. near US-78.
    • US-78 North Summerville Drainage Study: Staff submitted and presented the final flood study to the committee in January 2021. Staff just received a proposal for stormwater management ordinance in this drainage basin. This proposal is still in review. 
    • Springview Lane Oakbrook Drainage Study: Survey was completed and submitted for this project in June 2020. The preliminary report was received in June 2019. Recommendations are to acquire drainage easements and construct a detention pond behind the SC Department of Mental Health facility on Springview Lane. The final report was submitted in August 2020. Survey work has been completed to begin design of the proposed pond. Design work has begun and construction documents are expected to be submitted to staff for review in April 2021.
  • Cedar Street Extension: Cedar Street Extension is in the preliminary design and permitting phase. Survey, environmental, and preliminary design work are currently underway. The wetland Jurisdictional Determination was signed and submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers in August 2020. All wetlands were deemed non-jurisdictional. Baker began working on right-of-way plans and is scheduled to complete those by February 12, 2021. 
  • Maple Street Improvements Project TimelineThis timeline will be regularly updated to reflect the latest developments.
  • Shepard Park Drainage Study: Town Finance Committee approved a requisition to issue a purchase order and enter into a contract for Sea Island Development to begin building the new stormwater pond near Parkwood Drive and Shepard Street on March 8, 2021. Staff will be scheduling a preconstruction meeting with the contractor. Work will begin in spring 2021 on the stormwater pond. The Stormwater Department has purchased the materials for the Peters Street conveyance system. The Stormwater Department will be mobilizing within the next 30 days to begin installing this system. Once these improvements are in place, the Town is confident residents will notice a significant improvement on how the drainage system functions in the study area. Final design work is completed and the pond portion of the project is fully permitted. The Peters Street diversion portion of the project has secured permitting with SCDOT. Stormwater Department will begin installing the diversion pipe along Peters Street in early March 2021. Staff is currently advertising a bid for the construction of the regional retention pond on Parkwood Drive. This project bids on March 2, 2021.  Staff will be submitting a grant application again for the State Rural Infrastructure Grant for three-quarters of the bid cost for the retention pond in March 2021. Staff has completed and submitted the grant application for the State Rural Infrastructure Grant for $1,409,482 and has been submitted. The grant requires a 25% match, which is $469,827.
  • Robinwyn Drainage: Stormwater crews have been regrading roadside and outfall ditches as well as replacing driveway pipes in Robinwyn for several months. This project consisted of addressing each road in the Robinwyn subdivision to ensure the ditches flow properly reducing standing water and localized flooding. This work will continue several more weeks until completion.
  • Sawmill Branch Canal Repairs: Crews mobilized to repair the large washout area on Sawmill Branch canal in January 2021 near East Richardson Avenue and the trailhead. This repair is completed.
  • Corey Woods Drainage: Staff has identified areas in Corey Woods Subdivision that needed significant maintenance. Two undersized pipes were removed from the canal in Hurricane Branch several months ago. A new upgraded driveway pipe was recently delivered and will be installed at the end of Longleaf Drive upstream of the two pipes that were removed. Crews have cleaned ditches around Five Iron Drive. Areas remaining are behind Four iron Court and Six Iron Drive. There are also plans to line pipes under Woodward and Six Iron for preservation purposes. A tree contractor began to remove trees from ditches in January 2021 and has nearly completed all the tree removals. Stormwater crews have begun coming behind the tree contractor to clean these ditches. This work is expected to significantly improve the drainage situation in Corey Woods when completed.

  • Salisbury Drive Drainage: Staff recently acquired drainage easements from three properties near Salisbury Drive. Crews began work to install a new pipe in these easements that will address an ongoing drainage issue. This work will be completed later this month.

  • Five-Points IntersectionWork will be to conduct traffic counts at the intersection, model future traffic conditions based on growth, and consideration of the completion of Berlin Myers Parkway. Survey work is scheduled to be completed January 2020. Once survey is completed, detailed design options will proceed to determine which design to proceed with. 
  • LED Street Lighting Pilot Program: Dominion Energy approached staff about entering into an incentive program to convert existing street lights into LED street lights. Staff identified an area of Town encompassed by Cedar Street, West Richardson Avenue, Maple Street, and US-78 to convert to LED Street lights. The incentive program is over a five-year span and will save the Town six percent of the existing costs over that time. This will convert 140 lights to LED. Dominion will be sending the contract documents for the Town Administrator's signature in the coming weeks.