Vision Plan

The 2014 Vision Plan is a 30-year community vision for Summerville. It seeks to preserve the Town of Summerville’s historic small-town charm while building for the future. The plan covers a full spectrum of scales- touching on items as small as a new side walk in downtown to as large as overarching land use and transportation needs. It also focuses on three catalyst areas: Downtown, Oakbrook, and the area around the proposed Sheep Island Interchange.

The plan focuses strongly on implementation, and offers a “10 in 5” list of projects. These are the top ten priority projects that set out the Town’s workplan for the next five years. All of the recommendations within the Vision Plan are directed at achieving economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Many Projects in One of the Phases of Implementation

The planning process created tremendous interest and momentum from the community. Nine of the “Top 10” projects are in some phase of implementation, either in planning, design, construction or budgeting, including:

  • A redesign of the Town’s downtown Hutchinson Square
  • Redesigning of Sheep Island Parkway to include bike and pedestrian facilities that will facilitate sustainable growth
  • Leveraging allocated resources to retrofit and examine Dorchester Road
  • A collaborative effort with Tri-County Link to establish a circulator public transit route within the Town

Redevelopment Commission

Additionally, Town Council has established a redevelopment commission, as enabled by state statute, to assist in economic development efforts recommended in the plan. The Summerville Redevelopment Corporation (SRC) has officially adopted the Vision Plan as their Redevelopment Plan.