Appearing in Court

Prohibited Items

Food, drink, electronic devices, and all weapons are strictly prohibited from the building. Do not attempt to bring in any prohibited items. Leave these items at home or in your car. The court will not store prohibited items in the lobby for pick-up.

  1. Dress
  2. Policies
  3. Respect

Court Appearance Attire

Municipal Court is a place of business and visitors should wear clean, fitted clothes. A shirt and shoes are required. Please take your hat off before entering any courtroom.

Unacceptable attire includes:

  • Flip-flop style shoes
  • Hats
  • Muscle shirts, T-shirts, clothing indicating gang affiliation or other clothing with: 
    • Depictions
    • Obscene
    • Offensive
    • Pictures
    • Racist
    • Sexist
    • Slogans
    • Suggestive words
    • Vulgar
  • Provocative clothing designed, styled or worn to provoke emotion or disrupt or distract
  • Shirts that are torn, dirty, and ragged
  • Shorts, cut-offs, baggy pants