The Impact

The successful creation of a Green Infrastructure (GI) Plan will have a multi-faceted impact on the Summerville community. The Plan will support the new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) in a regulatory aspect, will assist with the fulfillment of several Comprehensive Plan goals including completion of the Natural Resource strategies, and provide a forward looking platform for the Town’s next updated Comprehensive Plan.

Continue Conservation Efforts

As community growth continues, the incorporation and meshing of the GI Plan into the UDO, Vision Plan and Comprehensive Plan (PDF) will allow the Town to continue its planning conservation efforts and standards through tree protection ordinances, land use regulations and preservation of natural resources.

Educate & Inform

The creation of a GI Plan will also provide new opportunities for the Planning Department to educate and inform the public and developers about the need to protect the Town’s natural resources.

Highlight Small Changes that Make a Difference

The Plan can also be used to highlight ways in which small changes at the site or parcel scale (planting trees, installing rain gardens, etc.) can make a difference in the protection and restoration of existing natural assets and ecosystem services.

Other Ways It will Impact the Town

Through the comprehensive and community involvement process outlined above, the Town will have a completed Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) assessment of the Summerville Planning Area and a base green infrastructure map at the conclusion of the grant funded project. These elements will identify the Town’s highest value natural, cultural and historical assets.

Prioritized and theme maps will also be produced based on the goals identified in the Town’s current Comprehensive Plan and the GI Planning process. Accompanying these maps will be a GI Plan that details the need and importance for this type of planning; the overall planning process; and action and implementation steps for utilizing the GI Plan during future long-range planning initiatives, including creation of development regulations and day-to-day activities and decision making.