1. 1880s
  2. 1900s to 1940s
  3. 1950s to 1980s
  4. 1990s to Present

Vintage red fire truck parked1800s

  • The first recorded mention of the Summerville Fire Department occurred in the Town Council minutes of December 28, 1893, when a discussion was brought up regarding the purchase of a fire alarm bell and the forming of a fire brigade.
  • On March 7, 1894, the first piece of fire apparatus was purchased from the hook and ladder company for $165. On April 30, 1894, the first formal town fire brigade was formed consisting of 25 members.
  • In august of 1894, the first fire station was leased on the club house lot for $190. In October of the same year, the pioneer fire company was organized. The engine house was then moved to the first floor of the town hall which had been built in 1892.
  • In February of 1895 Town Council created the first Fire Chief’s position. On March 19, 1895, R.H. Sweeney was named the first Fire Chief for the Town of Summerville.
  • In September of 1897, the engine house was relocated. A new building was constructed on Second South Street between Central Avenue and Main Street. The first fire committee was formed in the same year and awarded the fire department an annual budget of $100.