Forms & Applications

Notification of Change Form

Any change to business information (business name, owner(s) location, mailing address, telephone number etc.) is required to be reported to the Business License Office within 10 business days of said changes. Submit the Notification of Change Form.

Emergency Contact Form

This form is required for all new businesses and for all business license renewal for businesses located in the Summerville town limits. Please be aware that the Summerville has an ordinance imposing fees for false alarm. Submit the Emergency Contact Form.

Home Occupation Special Use Permit 

A business license will not be issued for a home based business until the Home Occupational Special Use Permit has been submitted to and approved by the Planning and Economic Development Department. If you are renting the home a notarized letter from the home owner granting permission for the business to be operated from the property must be attached to the permit application. Submit the Home Occupation Special Use Permit.

Special Event Business License Application

A special event business license may be obtained no more than two times per calendar year at a rate of $10 for Town of Summerville residents and $20 for non-residents. Proof of residency is required to receive the $10 in-town rate.

Vendors that plan to participate in two or more events per year should apply for a regular business license. Food vendors are required to collect and pay the 2% hospitality tax. Submit the Special Event Business License Application.

Minority Business Registration Form