Special Event Permits

Hutchinson Square

According to Section 24-71 of the Code of Ordinances of the Town of Summerville, it is unlawful for any person to hold, manage, conduct, aid, participate in, form, start, or carry on any parade or public meeting, or assembly in or upon any public street, park or other public grounds in the town unless and until a permit to conduct such activities has been obtained.

A special event permit is required for any/all organized activity with fifty or more people using publicly owned, managed, or controlled property (including Right-of-Ways). Click here to access the Special Event Permit Application.

Application Due Date

Applications for parades/processions shall be submitted no less than sixty days before the requested event date. All other applications shall be submitted a minimum of forty-five days before the requested event date.


Fees and other charges may apply to each application as determined by the town departments affected by the special event and the number of services, property, permits, etc., necessary to ensure the event will be held with the health and safety of the public in mind.


According to Section 24-44, no picketing shall be conducted by a group of 10 or more persons unless a notice of intent to picket has been submitted and a receipt has been issued. A group of fewer than 10 persons may give written notice of intent to picket, but this is not required.

Rental Facilities

For rental information, to reserve a rental facility, or to check availability, please CLICK HERE.

Public Information Disclaimer

The information submitted on the Special Event Permit Application, including the permit holder's name and email address, is public information and will be listed on this webpage once the event is approved.