Annexation Process

  1. Submit application
    Property owner submits a “Petition to Join Town of Summerville,” along with a recorded deed and plat, to the Planning and Economic Development Department.
  2. Receive annexation and zoning approval
    The Town annexes and zones the property at the same time through one application, so there’s no additional process for you. Staff presents your application to the Town’s Planning Commission at a public hearing. The Planning Commission makes a recommendation for approval and assignment of a Town zoning classification. This zoning typically corresponds to the zoning that the property had in Charleston, Berkeley or Dorchester County, unless a different zoning is discussed and/or requested.
    Staff presents the recommendation for approval to Town Council, in the form of an ordinance, at two separate meetings for approval. You are welcome, but not required to attend these meetings. At the second meeting’s approval, your property is officially within the town limits of Summerville and your Town services begin!
  3. Services switched
    Upon annexation, we will notify all public service providers (such as 911 services, fire protection, and tax office) of the change in jurisdiction. If you are contracting with a private service for trash pickup, you may now notify your provider you will no longer need that service.