Benefits to Annexation

There are many benefits to annexing into the Town of Summerville.

Curbside Residential Waste, Recycling & Yard Debris Pickup

The Town of Summerville provides residents with regular curbside service for household garbage, recycling and yard debris, typically at a much lower cost than similar private contracted services. Additionally, the Town provides pickup for household debris (furniture, and appliances) on an on-call basis.

Street Lighting

The Town of Summerville maintains streetlights located within in-town neighborhoods. Options are available to partner with Homeowners Associations interested in upgrading light fixtures and poles.

Lower Sewer & Water Rates

In-town residents and businesses served by the Summerville Commission of Public Works are afforded lower sewer and water rates, as well as lower sewer connection fees, than those in unincorporated areas. On average, customers within the Town of Summerville pay 25 to 30% less than those outside of the Town.

Quality Public Safety/Low Insurance Rates

The Town of Summerville employs a full time fire department that operates 24-7, fully staffed on every call. Most of the fire protection within the surrounding unincorporated areas is provided by volunteer fire departments that cannot provide the same level of service.

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) is the regulatory agency that sets fire insurance rates for communities. Communities are rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the best rating a community could obtain and 10 being the worst. The Town of Summerville fire department has a strong ISO rating of 3, which may translate into more favorable insurance rates for residents and businesses that annex into the Town of Summerville.

Business Friendly Environment

The Town of Summerville realizes the critical role commerce plays in supporting the community’s quality of life. Therefore, we work hard to provide a supportive environment for your business that includes clear and straightforward permitting processes, connections to community resources, and opportunities for strategic development partnerships.

Involvement in Local Government Processes

The Town of Summerville offers many opportunities for public involvement in local government. These opportunities include elected positions and appointments to advisory boards and commissions, as well inquiries and comments at public meetings and workshops. The day-to-day operations of Town services are coordinated out of Town Hall; and Town staff is easily accessible during business hours.