Freedom of Information (FOIA) Request Form

It is preferred that all public records requests be submitted to the Town of Summerville's Clerk electronically via the online form. Please allow a minimum of ten business days for a response.

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT FEE SCHEDULE: It is the policy of the Town of Summerville, SC (Town) to comply with the mandates of S.C. Code Ann, §30-4-10, et. seq., “Freedom of Information Act.” This Fee Schedule is in compliance with S.C. Code Ann.§30-4-30(B). The Town may establish and collect reasonable not to exceed the actual cost of the search, retrieval, and redaction of records. The fee for the search, retrieval, or redaction of records shall not exceed the prorated hourly salary of the lowest-paid employee who, in the reasonable discretion of the Town, has the necessary skill and training to perform the request. Fees charged by the Town will be uniform for copies of the same record or document and will not exceed the prevailing commercial rate for the producing of copies. Copy charges will not apply to records that are transmitted in an electronic format. If records are not in electronic format and the Town agrees to produce them in electronic format, the Town may charge for the staff time required to transfer the documents to electronic format. The records will be furnished at the lowest possible cost to the person requesting the records. Records will be provided in a form that is both convenient and practical for use by the person requesting copies of the records concerned if it is equally convenient for the Town to provide the records in this form. Documents may be furnished when appropriate without charge or at a reduced charge where the Town determines that waiver or reduction of the fee is in the public interest because furnishing the information can be considered as primarily benefiting the general public. Fees will not be charged for examination and review to determine if the documents are subject to disclosure. A deposit not to exceed twenty‑five percent of the total reasonably anticipated cost for reproduction of the records may be required prior to the Town searching for or making copies of records.