Public Works

The Street Department is responsible for keeping all roads in good repair and picking up yard debris each week from the curb side of every residence in the entire town. The department uses a four wheel eight cubic yard street sweeper to sweep all the streets in town. This department also works on special projects, such as installing new sidewalks.We install and replace street and stop signs, remove dead animals and perform other tasks as needed.  The Town has a fleet of vehicles including dump trucks, trash trucks, backhoes, bulldozer, crawler, front end loader, trailers, road grader, street sweeper, pickup trucks, and one bobcat. The equipment is housed in a 12,000 square feet of covered area that houses offices and storage area for the equipment. 



The Maintenance Department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all equipment and fleet of vehicles. The maintenance team ensures that all vehicles and equipment are kept in proper and safe operating condition. The department ensures compliance with all safety standards and polices, promotes personal safety, and serves on 24 hour call to eliminate down time of emergency vehicles. The staff maintains approximately 325 vehicles, generators and other various types of equipment. The maintenance building is a 120'x 140' (16,800 sq.ft) metal building equipped with the most modern equipment that is required to maintain everything from service support equipment, Police vehicles to Fire trucks.


The Stormwater Department is responsible for the maintenance of the Town's stormwater systems from the smallest drainage ditch to the Sawmill Branch Canal, which is eight miles long. The Stormwater Department is also responsible for the installation of pipe and other drainage appurtenances.  The department is equipped with excavators, dump trucks, bush hogs and other equipment. 

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Arbor Oaks Drainage Study Report 2017

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