The Town of Summerville’s Vision Plan envisions the revitalization of Oakbrook as an Urban Village/Eco-Tourism Destination focused on redevelopment of underutilized commercial properties into an active urban neighborhood center, the reinvention of the Jessen Boat Landing and Colonial Dorchester Historic Site as regional ecotourism and entertainment attractions, and trails and street network improvements to connect surrounding neighborhoods and commercial activities. More detailed recommendations are found in the Infrastructure and Development Strategy of the Vision Plan.
Revitalization of the Oakbrook Area
The Oakbrook Nature Trail located just off Springview Lane near Summerville Medical Center, opened in July 2014. This winding trail covers a twelve-acre tract of land that has been designated by the US Army Corps of Engineers as a conservation area.  The 3,600 feet long gravel trail gives way to wooden boardwalks to span three delineated wetland areas.  Keep your eyes peeled, as this area is home to a variety of Lowcountry wildlife, including whitetail deer, turkeys, and a bevy of our reptilian friends. Click Here for information about the Oakbrook Nature Trail.

If you've been in the Oakbrook area recently you may have noticed that the old Dorchester Lanes Bowling Alley has been demolished. The site is the future home of the Lowcountry's first ALDI. The Site Plans also include a new parking lot and streetscape.


Repairs and repaving of Midland Parkway completed October 2014


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