Please call 843-851-4214 or email for an appointment prior to visiting Town Hall due to ongoing COVID-19 related effects.

The Planning Department guides the physical growth and well being of the Town of Summerville. In addition to its planning functions, the Department oversees the Town’s zoning and land use policies and promotes the community as an attractive location for business and quality real estate development.

Staff provides planning support, technical assistance, coordination and advisory services on issues involving: 

  • Annexation
  • Historic preservation
  • Land use planning
  • Open space land preservation
  • Smart growth
  • Zoning

Codes & Ordinances

The process is governed through the development and implementation of community plans, and enforcement of adopted Town Unified Development Ordinance.

Technical Review Committee (TRC)

With the passage of the Town’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) in October, a Technical Review Committee (TRC) for the Town was created. The UDO specifies that the TRC be chaired by the Planning Director and at the minimum also include the Zoning Administrator, Chief Building Official, and the Town Engineer (or their designees). The Town’s Fire Marshal (or designee) and the Arborist/Natural Resource Planner are also included as a part of the TRC. Representatives from the major utility providers (water, sewer, electric) are also invited to attend.

The TRC will be the final decision-making authority for site plan or subdivision site plan, preliminary subdivision plat, and final plat (of 5 lots or more). A pre-application conference with the TRC is also now required prior to DRB, BAR (major), site plan or subdivision site plan, preliminary subdivision plat, PUD, or rezoning application being submitted. If not applicable (as deemed by Town staff), this pre-application conference requirement can be waived. Chapter 13 of the UDO provides more details on these requirements.

The TRC meetings will be held the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month from 9 a.m. – noon starting February 28, 2020. Meetings will be scheduled in 30 minute time slots. Please contact Jessi Shuler, Director of Planning, to be placed on the next available TRC meeting agenda. She can best be reached by email at Agendas will be set approximately a week in advance of the meeting.